How to Win Slot

Slot games are popular in Casinos. People love slots because they don't require much thinking and strategizing; simply spin the reels and try your luck. The original slot machine was designed back in the 19th century, but it was until the 50s that slots became popular as people got into the games.

Modern slots are more complex; the spinning reels have been replaced with a Random Number Generator to make things uncheckable and interesting.

But while slot is a game of chance, sometimes when gambling with real cash, your luck just runs out, and it pays to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Tricks to winning in a slot machine

In the past, tricking slot machines involved a physical manipulation of some kind, either using cheat codes, shaved coins, piano wore, or a YO-YO to fool or jam the clock measuring the spins. However, modern slot machines are more complex. Plus, the casinos are always doing maintenance to check for bugs.

Winning on a modern slot in Wclub365 now involves learning all the aspects of the gameplay and using them to your advantage. Here is a look:

1. Avoid trying to beat the system

So, you've heard it mentioned somewhere that there are hot and cold slots, and the idea is to find a hot slot (one likely to pay substantial winnings soon) and avoid cold slots? Well, that is a myth. While old school slot machines had winning and losing cycles, it is impossible to tell the winning pattern on modern slots. The reason is that modern slots use a random number generator (RNG).

A random number generator is a piece of technology that produces random results based on an uneven distribution. An RNG is used to keep gamblers guessing and going on until they hit the jackpot. The winning pattern keeps changing to create suspense. For that reason, it is impossible to predict results from a slot machine with an RNG. Just when you think you've got it and go all in, your bankroll vanishes. Avoid trying to beat the system and just enjoy the game; with the tricks outlined below, you have a better chance of winning.

2. Choose slot machines with the highest payout ratio

Observe the machine's payout ratios. It's always wise to go for machines that payout more. Many novice gamblers pay the mistake of going with low line betting machines instead of higher denominated ones. While 25 cent machines allow you to play longer, the payout ratio is not big enough to guarantee a big win. Usually, the payout lies in the 80-85 % range.

On the other hand, higher denominated slots pay out more than 85%. For example, the 50-cent machine returns 89-90%; the $1 machine returns 90-91 %; the $5 machine returns 92-93 %.

3. Try online slots

When it comes to payout ratios, online casinos have better offers. Usually, the payout ratio offered by online slots beats offers from traditional casinos by 5%.

An online slot machine is not that different from a traditional slot machine, except that with online slots, results are accessed via browsers. Both online and traditional slot games are highly regulated. There's no rigging the slots to keep the house winning. One must purchase a license and observe the law to operate casinos, whether brick-and-mortar or online.

The advantage of online gambling is better payout because the admin experiences low overhead costs and cheap maintenance. There are many online casinos offering slot games. Popular online slot games in Malaysia include:

4. Avoid starting with too much cash

The disadvantage of beefing up your bankroll with lots of cash is that when the game gets boring, or you've got to leave, you'll have to gamble big money at once.

Betting big to dispose cash and leave is a disadvantage. Always load a few cash in the bankroll, then feel free to top it up as the game gets exciting. That way, you won't be obligated to go all-in when you've got to leave fast. Experts advice starting with small bets and increasing the amount as you start to make winnings.

5. Choose better machines

Progressive slot machines offer huge jackpots, but it takes longer to pool this amount. You might fare well with classic slots or video slots. However, this doesn't mean you have no chance at all on progressive slot machines. If you are prepared to wait for longer to win, there are some good progressive jackpot machines. Here's a look:

Which progressive jackpot slots are the best?

Progressive jackpot slots fall into three categories: Independent/singles, in-house, and Intercasino-linked slots:

You have a better chance at winnings playing single or independent jackpot slots than competing with multiple players on a network or in the house. But remember to bet enough to qualify for jackpots; after all, that is the whole point of progressive slot games.

6. Choose games with the biggest RTP

RTP stands for Return to Player percentage. It is the average amount you can expect to gain from a particular slot game. It's calculated as a proportion of the total bet and expressed in percentage form. The game with the highest RTP allows you more chance to recoup your losses after betting on the game for a long time.

Casinos always don't disclose their slot machines' RTP. But you can find out by googling. There are plenty of casino news websites with sections dedicated to sharing info about casino slot games RTP's. Type the command "(Slot Game) + RTP" to get all pages with content about a specific slot machine's RTP.

Alternatively, just check the settings of the particular slot game for the RTP info. If it's not there, try the HELP section of the game.

7. Use bonuses

Contrary to the myth that your winning chances decline when you use free money or bonus to play, bonuses are a way to maximize your gambling experience on a website or physical casino. If it takes longer to achieve winnings, you are better off using bonuses to avoid running out of cash before hitting your luck.

The likelihood of winning does not change when you shift from using your own cash to bonus funds. So, go for slot games with a lot of bonus features. You can also play with free spins. The random number generator won't tell the difference between cash and bonus, free spin, or any other promotional offer. Just watch out for the wagering requirement and terms and conditions.

8. Choose a game with more pay lines

A pay line is where matching symbols must fall for a winning combination. Traditional slot machines feature single pay lines across the center of the reels. Modern slot machines, however, feature more than one pay line in various shapes. The more the pay line on the slot machine, the more the chances you have to make a winning combination.

9. Pick the right volatility.

A slot machine's game volatility is the risk level involved when you play that particular game. Some slot games have low volatility, i.e., a higher likelihood of winning but less payout. Others have high volatility, with low chances of winning but a bigger payout.

Always play with the volatility that's okay to you. However, keep in mind that playing high volatility games requires patience and a substantial investment. You can check a particular game's volatility online. Alternatively, give the game a few tries and determine the risk level yourself. One example of popular low volatility online slot game Malaysia is hotline. If you want a high volatility slot game.

10. Match the bet size to your budget, gambling experience, and type of game

While there are many recommendations on when you should lower or increase your bet size, the wise idea is to match it to your gambling experience and type of game and stay within your budget. What worked for your buddy may not work for you; learn from your experiences and be willing to quit if you reach your budget limits. Generally, small jackpot slot machines guarantee many small wins but with a low average return.


Slots are among the most appreciated casino games. While slots don't require huge mental input, you are going to need to familiarise yourself with the gameplay if you want to enjoy it. The old slot machines could be hacked using various tricks. However, beating the modern slot machine using blackhat tricks is almost impossible unless you have serious computer knowledge and physical access to the system.

But that doesn't mean there are no ways to make the game's dynamics work for you. Different slot machine games have different payouts and risks. Use a combination of the above tricks to maximize your chances of winning.

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