How to Play Slot Machine for Beginners

Slot machines are extremely lucrative. They're not only fun to play but also gives you an opportunity to win a handsome amount of real cash. If you want to know how to play Malaysia online slot game, then keep reading!

What are Online Slot Machines?

Online slot machines are digital versions of classic land-based slot machines that are found in casinos. These are one of the most fun and famous online casino games. Generally, the online slots aim at providing you with the same gaming experience that you'd have when playing in a traditional physical casino. However, the gameplay of online slots is a bit different than the traditional slot machines. For example, almost all the online slots offer free play opportunities that allow you to test the game before investing your money on the bets. This is the unique feature of online slots that is not usually there in the case of physical slot machines.

Additionally, online slots are a lot more engaging and exciting than land-based machines. They offer great visuals, plenty of rewards and bonuses from time to time. Plus, they're super easy to play. Any beginner with a little practice can play and win with online slots.

Another reason behind the huge popularity of online slots is that they offer an easy way for beginners to enter the gambling world.

How to Play Slot Machines and Win?

If you're thinking that there might be some secret techniques and gambling strategies for winning the slot machines, then you're wrong!

The results that are generated on the slot machines are completely random and remain unaffected most of the time. Then how can you stand a chance to win? How can you increase the possibilities of winning?

The answer is, you have to practice a lot before playing. While there are no winning secrets, if you keep in mind a few simple things, you'll definitely be able to earn a significant amount and have the most from your game.

Before you start playing an online slot, determine whether you want to earn a bigger jackpot or want greater chances of winning.

The only thing that can be controlled when playing online slots is the game or machine you play on. Different machines offer different payouts, chances of winning and rewards. There is a basic but unsaid rule of slots: the higher the chances of payout, the lesser will be the payout.

If you want to win the largest jackpots, you should look for the progressive slot machines. The idea behind jackpot is that every bet that is placed on a network of connected slots contributes a small amount to a "jackpot" that is usually won through a lucky spin. Winning a progressive jackpot is a big thing in gambling - be it an online or virtual casino.

Global pots are straightforward in online slots or virtual casinos which might operate on the same rules but are connected to a great number of players at the same time. This means you stand a chance to win a fat amount.

But again, you have to decide what you really want and what your preferences are. For example, Mega Fortune is one of the most popular progressive jackpot slots. The jackpot amount with this machine is huge, in millions but again the winning chances are very less. On the other hand, Fruit Mania has a small jackpot amount but it offers them every four days.

Choosing the right slot machine is perhaps the biggest strategy when playing at online slots.

So, this is pretty much everything about playing and winning the online slots. Now, for a better understanding, let's discuss some of the common terms used in the slots.

Common Terms Used In Online Slots

To win and play the slot games, you have to be as knowledgeable about the games as possible. This will help you in choosing the right machines and the right strategies for your game.


Bonus is the most common and distinguishing term used in playing slot machines. This is the main factor that you need to consider while choosing the right machine to play. When you receive a particular number of bonus symbols, you get into the bonus round. In this round, you will receive plenty of free spins and new winning rules. There can be online slot bonus rewards, multipliers and lots of winning symbols.

Whether you're playing on a land-based slot machine or on an online slot, bonus rounds are always fruitful and exciting as well. They offer great rewards and plenty of winning opportunities.

Free Spin

Generally, you have to pay a specific amount to get a specific number of spins. Free spins are the rewards offered to the players by slot machines. For these spins, you don't have to pay anything. These are offered when you get the right number of winning symbols. More symbols you have, a higher number of free spins you get.

Most of the machines offer additional prizes and rewards in their free spin round. These could include more free spins and free gifts.


Carousel is a group of machines in a network. These could be either single or interconnected to a progressive jackpot.


Paylines are the literal lines that intersect the symbols on the game screen of a slot machine. These lines indicate the rows that generate the winning combinations when there are matching symbols. It is very important to understand the paylines when playing a slot machine because they tell you what you're getting when you spin. Although you can't control the outcome, you can have an understanding of your game with the help of paylines.

Typically, the physical slot machines have 9 pay lines for the columns, rows and diagonals. However, the modern slot machines have lines for all the shapes and symbols including the triangles, columns and more. There can be multiple pay lines on online slot machines.

The pattern of pay lines is the first thing you see when you sit in front of a slot machine. You shouldn't spin a hand just because you feel it is perfect, you have to look at the pay lines to determine whether or not it is one of them.

Hand Pay

Hand pay is a term that is used to denote the winnings that are higher than the carrying capacity of a slot machine. This is used for physical slot machines. The attender has to pay your winning amount by hand.

Wild Symbols

Different games have different types of wild symbols. They can appear in any column or row and any time depending on the machine. They don't appear in the place of jackpot icons only. On hitting a wild, your machine will tell you what to do next.


Variance is another gambling term that is very important to understand. It is also known as "volatility" sometimes and refers to the difference between the payout rate and actual payout of the machines. If a slot machine claims to have a "High variance", it means that there are fewer chances of winning but the winning amount is huge. Vice-versa is true for the machines that have low variance.

Another thing you can do to increase your outcome in an online gambling session is researching and finding out which slots have low or high variance. You can prefer either a low or high variance machine depending upon your experience and skills.

If you're a beginner, then we recommend playing on the machines that have low variance. While they offer less pay, the frequency of payouts is higher. The reason we are suggesting this is, there is no secret to win a huge jackpot on a slot with high variance. These machines are mostly played by the individuals who are either experts or have tonnes of money in their bank accounts.

So, if you don't have either of them and you're just dipping your toes into gambling, a low variance machine would be a great choice for you. These will offer you a fun and exciting gaming session without causing a hole in your pocket.

Why Play Slots Online

We have discussed everything from the meaning of online slots to how to play and win them along with the common terms used in online slot machines. If you're still not convinced that online slots are lucrative, here are the reasons to play an online slot game:

And there you have it! We hope this guide helps you in getting started with online slot machines.

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