How are Slot Machines Made

Slot machines are gambling devices which are also known as the fruit machine in Malaysia. The one-armed bandit operates by dropping 1 or more tokens or coins into the slot and then pulling the handle or simply pushing the button that activates 1 to 3 or even more reels. These reels have several symbols marked horizontally.

Physical slot machines, however, have more than 20 symbols in every reel. This is possible because of digital technology that allows them to have around 256 symbols and a million possible combinations. These combinations are called pay lines if you have bet on it.

The slot games pay the prize by dropping the coins into a trough or cup and the number of coins may vary from 2 to all, based on the symbols you get once the rotating reel comes to rest. Traditionally, the symbols were card suits, numbers, stars, bars, multiple pictured fruits such as plums, oranges, cherries, lemons, watermelons, etc or the words bar and jackpot.

These machines generate random numbers and can generate many numbers each second. Each of these numbers is linked with a combination of signs or symbols. Each spin is totally independent and unrelated to the future or previous spins and so, it is impossible to even predict the future outcomes.

Coming to the kinds of slot machines, there are many! Some of them let you choose the number of pay lines you can bet on for every spin and the amount you wish to bet. Decide the cost for every play, the odds and pay lines, the player's return, and everything before putting in your money.

How It’s Made Slot Machines

Slot machines are one of the most popular attractions when it comes to gambling or gaming both in online casinos and real physical casinos. Gambling is a process where most gamblers enjoy their chances and test their fate without putting in much effort. However, the slot machines may require little effort, but they are not that simple. They are technological devices, utilizing advanced software, and providing millions of players with entertainment for long hours.

But have you ever wondered as to how these slot online Malaysia machines are made? Let us take a look inside and check out what is inside of a slot machine. But proceeding with that it is helpful to get an insight into the several parts of a slot machine.

Random number generator or RNG is an extremely complicated software program that makes sure that every spin on the slot machine produces an outcome that is completely independent of the player's spin. It randomizes the outcomes. So, basically, this software helps in providing completely random outcomes and they cannot be altered by anyone in any way.

The top software and technology companies in the world, have dedicated a lot of effort in simulating this randomness in this man-made gambling device. The challenges were many when it came to designing the software but the RNG is now present in all regulated and licensed slot machines.

How do these Slot Machines work?

When the slot machines were developed for the first time, the result of each player's spin was decided by the reels' movement. This is was replaced with the modern machines that were developed with the improvements in technology. Slot machines now, can look, sound, and feel the same as the traditional ones but they function in a different way. The computerized slot machines make use of step motors that rotate the reel once spun.

If you want to know the entire process of how a typical slot machine works with 3 reels, read the following -

The game starts by either pushing the play switch or pulling the handle. The machine then records the 3 numbers that result from the random numerator. The 1st number decides the landing of the first reel, the 2nd number is displayed on the second reel and the same applies for the 3rd one.

In recent years, slot machines have been developed more and computer systems have been connected to them. Newer machines are made in such a way that players do not need to insert any coin before they spin. They can bet by using money directly from the credit account. This has made it much easier for the players to be aware and monitor their losses and wins.

How Do Fruit Machines Work?

Fruit machines are similar to slot machines and they are operated by coins. They have 3 or more than 3 spinning reels. The reels usually have several images on them, the most commonly used are fruits, which include the famous cherries.

The objective of this fruit machine game is to spin the reel and produce various combinations of the symbols along with the prize money.

Fruit machines are quite popular since they have higher pay out rate compared to the other kinds of gaming machines. The pay outs of fruit machines generally range from 70 to 98 percent of the gambled money. More Details: https://www.wclub365my.com/

How to play fruit machines?

You will find several fruit machines that include a Hold button. This button allows you to pause a certain reel while you are gaming. This increases your luck of winning the game. For instance, if you have 2 lemons already, you can try hitting the hold button and continue with the spinning for the last reel to get the last desired lemon.

Many fruit machines offer a Cancel button too. If you hit the cancel button while the reels are spinning, it slows down the reels, thus allowing you to spot the pictures, thereby, allowing you to find your picture for the win. The process is called wedging.

In a fruit machine game, it is much easier to get back what is lost since there is a relatively high chance of hitting the huge pay out. Therefore, it is worth setting a game of 15 minutes. Better your chances by combining this with an adequate budget and win your lost money back.

How to win a slot machine game?

There is no doubt that every slot machine is designed in such a way so that the outcomes are completely random but you can still increase your chance of winning the game by following a few strategies given below -


Be it traditional or modern slot machines, they are gambling devices that are based on reels, containing pictures. The odds of hitting all the 3 reels and the possible pay outs totally depend on which machine you are playing, the pay lines you have chosen to play, and also, the number of credits you have wagered. The fruit machines too, function in a similar way just that there is a higher chance of winning the game. There are additional functions that are present in the fruit machines but not in slot machines.

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